business development

The longstanding experience in public projects and constructions is ensured by referring to the 1960s, when Christos Dimopoulos worked on the construction of public projects throughout Peloponnese, activities which were justly continued by Nikitas Dimopoulos, Christos’s son.
In the 1980s Nikitas Dimopoulos developed an extensive activity, besides the other public projects, in the lignite mines of Megalopolis, Arkadia. In the context of cooperation with the Public Power Corporation (PPC), the topnotch specialization in the unveiling of mines can be attested by the successful execution of over 150 contracts for the extraction and transportation of lignite and infertile materials deposits, in quantities exceeding 200 million cubic meters.
For this reason, our company is today among the 5 most powerful construction companies of the extraction of lignite deposits in PPC mines, possessing a unique experience and know-how as well as a large number of privately-owned special equipment.
Nowadays, the company, having inherited knowledge and experience, is advancing the forefront, developing in a fast pace, having at the helm, Nikitas Dimopoulos, the President and CEO and as active and worthy continuators of his creation, his children, Athanasia Dimopoulou and Christos Dimopoulos.
Besides the activity in the Megalopolis mines, the company performs either on it own, either in consortium with others, large public projects in Peloponnese. At the same time, dynamically entering the real estate sector, the company has completed a residential complex in the city of Kalamata, with a total area of 4.000 square meters.
The company is housed in privately-owned building in Megalopolis and Kalamata and has in its work-force experienced graduates and technical engineers of all the related-to-the-projects specializations. Our company also has a privately-owned garage for the care, repair and maintenance of its numerous mechanical equipment.

Dimopoulos S.A is a holder of Certification in Quality Management System, System of Health and Safety Management at work and Environmental Management System, for the technical company and is also a holder of Certification in Quality Management System, System of Health and Safety Management at work and Environmental Management System for excavation and earth moving works, contracted lignite mining (i.e. the mining property of the company).



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ISO 14001:2015 401/Π

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